A few kind words by our clients

“I have used many pipe bags throughout my piping career, both natural and synthetic, and the quality and consistency of Bennett bags has been exemplary. Many of the pipers in my band use Bennett bags and I\’ve yet to hear any problems due to poor workmanship or dodgy skins, a frustratingly common complaint before we started to use Mark\’s products. Mark\’s advice has also been incredibly valuable. On his advice, I changed to a goatskin bag in 2013, despite some reservations on my part, as I was having some moisture problems. It was a revelation. The skin is extremely high quality and the bag is going strong today and barely needs seasoning. If you are looking for a high quality product at a competitive price, great service and helpful advice, look no further than Bennett pipe bags.”

Pipe Major Ross Walker, Boghall and Bathgate Pipe Band, Grade 1

“Mark Bennett is not as well known perhaps as some of the other makers of sheepskin and hide bags but he should be! I recently acquired one of his sheepskin bags and it is a very impressive piece of work. It is probably the tightest sheepskin I have ever played… after it drank a tub and a half of seasoning in its initial tie-in. The bag, with its squared off back-end is shaped to maximise its air capacity without having to increase the diameter under your arm. I bought a medium size swan neck bag, which has a diameter of 11 inches. With my arm length (37-38 inch sleeves), the swan neck puts the chanter in perfect playing position. The holes Mark had cut positioned the drones ideally so they stand up straight and proud when I play. I have played the bag for a few weeks now and my pipes are sounding first rate. Mark has a special tanning process that allows the bag to be very absorbent indeed: I can play my pipes in a cool room for more than an hour with no visible moisture on my reeds or in my drones. The bag has fairly stiff “walls” which allows it to vibrate and become an integral part of the sound-production system of your instrument.”

John Bottomley, editor of “THE VOICE” magazine, Eastern European Pipe Band Association/Senior Piping Judge

“I was extremely pleased with both the customer service and the product! I had some difficulty paying for an item online but Mark always got right back to me and went above and beyond to help make sure I was able to get the bag ordered in time to give as a gift to my husband! And he loves the new goat skin bag, I highly recommend this company!!!”

Robyn McCardle

“Having previously played sheepskin bags from all the usual suppliers, I decided to try one of Mark\’s bags over the course of a hectic and challenging 2013 competition season to see how it would compare with the other bags I had played in the past. From the very start of the process where I was able to discuss exactly what I wanted directly with Mark, to the guidance he offered and the end-product, it has been a fantastic experience. Taking on board Mark\’s wealth of advice and expertise, I decided to opt for one of his goat skin bags and was delighted when it arrived within days of posting my stocks. The thickness and quality of skin is second to none and the additional robustness and stability it has given my pipes (particularly to moisture when playing outdoors) has completely surprised me. If you want a top quality pipe bag from a reputable maker for an excellent price, look no further!”

Andrew Ray, Boghall & Bathgate, Grade 1

“I just got the bag and tied it on, pure class. I found it to be instantly comfortable with a stable, rich and resonant top hand. There will definitely be some guys in the Frasers on your goat this season. Also, the Bradford Water Trap has given me an extra couple of minutes of sound before the drones start to get wet. This will be a huge advantage come the contest season. Look out for more orders of these for some of the boys as well! Great products.” 

Robbie Beaton, 78th Fraser Highlanders, Canada, Robbie Beaton

“I have been playing and selling the Bennett Goatskin and Sheepskin bags for some years now. I have always found them to be of the highest quality and have never had a failed bag. I find the moisture control to be excellent and the Goatskin is well suited to players in a hot/dry environment. I highly recommend them for performance and great tonal enhancement of the instrument.” 

Director, School of Piping Pipe Major, City of Adelaide Pipe Band, National Piping Principal, And Australian Pipe Bands Association, Brett Tidswell

“I have been playing a Bennett Goatskin bag since mid season 2013. I have found the bag to be very comfortable, highly resonant and giving an excellent, rich sound – in particular the top hand which became more balanced and removed the need for as much tape after changing from sheepskin. The bag is excellent at handling moisture and with only a tube water trap and a split stock, I would expect to be able to play continuously for over an hour without any moisture problems which is longer than I have experienced with sheepskin bags previously. 

I would not hesitate to recommend the Bennett Goatskin bag to anyone looking for an alternative to sheepskin or an introduction to a natural skin bag from synthetic.”

David Burnside, Boghall & Bathgate Grade 1

“I first tried a Bennett bag as a learner getting my first set of pipes. Mark ensured my bag complimented my size and strength, enabling me to progress in comfort with my instrument. After many years competing in solos and bands, I decided to try a Bennett bag again after trying all the usual bag suppliers on the market.

Mark’s service was excellent and he certainly listens to all the feedback you give him, meeting your needs 100%. The bag itself, excellent in comfort, vibrancy and stability- the key three factors when selecting a great bag. I was also well impressed at the moisture the bag absorbed. Being a wet blower myself, I now have no problems with moisture affecting the drones or chanter of any sort. I decided to get my novice juvenile pipes and the many of the novice juvenile pipe corps fitted out with a Bennett goatskin bag as I was so impressed.

His knowledge not only of bags but also learner development and pipe bands ensured that everyone was delighted with the supply and comfort of moving to the goatskin bag, whilst adding a rich, deep and vibrant tone to the band. This certainly aided the band’s extremely successful champion of champions winning season, resulting in the entire band now playing a Bennett goatskin bag in the juvenile grade. I certainly recommend Mark’s bags if you are looking for a bag supplier with your best interests at heart, offering the best bag on the market.”

Alexander Scougall, Pipe Major Boghall & Bathgate juvenile and piper B