Refurbishment & Repair of Bagpipes

We offer a bagpipe refurbishment and repair service for all pipes. We can provide anything from a general MOT of your pipes, pipes oiled and re-hemped, broken parts repaired or replaced.

Our highly experienced craftsman can restore your instrument to not only look good – but sound even better. This is a new service to Bennett Pipe Bags, but be assured it comes with many years of experience.

Check out our before and after photographs below.

Contact us for a consultation and a quote. We can also provide end of season maintenance of your bagpipes. Simple get in touch using the below form.

Bagpipe Bag Tie-in Service

If you buy a new bag from us, or if you need your bagpipe bag tied in, we are happy to help. The cost of this service is £20 per bag.

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Vintage Bagpipes for Sale

1930 Lawries Bagpipes

  • wood projecting mounts
  • nickel ferrules
  • ivory ring caps
  • flat combed

Please get in touch for price enquiries.

70 / 80 year old set of Robertsons bagpipes

  • ivory projecting mounts
  • nickel ring caps, ferrules and slides
  • top notch sounding instrument

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