Information for New Bagpipe players

When should a child start playing the pipes?

  • When they are about 8-9 years old.
  • There are various ways to start playing the bagpipes: either in school as piping tuition in schools is sometimes available, or
  • Join a band as quickly as you can and you progress much quicker. Find a local band and they can provide advice.

What do you need to start?

  • A quality practice chanter – where to buy it? Bennett Pipe Bags

What is a quality chanter? Quality Chanters are made by a renowned bag pipe maker. Expect to pay at least £25-£30.  Quality practice chanters tend to be made of plastic. Good brands are:

  • McCallum
  • R G Hardie
  • David Naill

Chanters are not like flutes or recorders. They are meant to build up the blowing strength of the young piper and can feel quite hard to play to start with. Therefore, an electronic chanter might not be suitable for beginners.

Please do not buy a chanter on Ebay. – lesser quality chanters might not be appropriate for your needs and they tend to made of soft wood.