Vintage Bagpipes for Sale

Quite often, we are offered an old set of bagpipes which are worth restoring. We spend a lot of time and effort in restoring the pipes to their old glory and tuning them for them to sound their best. We currently have a few sets for sale – please check out this page for more details.

Have a set of pipes for sale

Maybe you own an old set of pipes you may want restored, or maybe you found a set in the attic and want to sell it? You are at the right place. Take a few photos and send us them and we can evaluate the pipes and offer you a good price.

Vintage Bagpipes for Sale


1930 Lawries Bagpipes

  • wood projecting mounts
  • nickel ferrules
  • ivory ring caps
  • flat combed

Please get in touch for price enquiries.

70 / 80 year old set of Robertsons bagpipes

  • ivory projecting mounts
  • nickel ring caps, ferrules and slides
  • top notch sounding instrument

Please get in touch for price enquiries.

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